Real Breton Fisherman's Sweater

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Bernard BONTE succeeded his father

Bernard BONTE decided to build a new plant on the Saint-James industrial estate with 1,800 square meters of workshops and 300 square meters of office space, which was inaugurated in 1977. At the same time, the Company considerably diversified its product ranges which became seasonal, for the purposes of meeting the requirements of a continually expanding clientele.


The Company reinforced its position as knitwear leader (sweaters, jackets) along with feminine garments reflecting a theme of the sea.
In 1982, TRICOTS SAINT-JAMES completed its activity with the development of a 100% quality cotton collection.


Celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the Company.

Even if the Company is more than one hundred years old, inspired by the passing of time, it is never too late to improve.
The year of 1989 commemorates not only 60 years for Saint-James Ltd spinning, but also a hundred years of Léon Legallais.
The company celebrated this anniversary by modernizing its logo, and by setting a record: it knitted the biggest sweater in the world, 8 meters high, and 14 meters from one sleeve to the other.

 A record accepted by the Guinness Book of Records.

The century of the Company, which he was able to transform and modernize, marked the high point in the career of Bernard BONTE.

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