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• 06/07/2015 Partnership : LOU mushrooms are harvested in SAINT JAMES striped Tee-shirts!

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• 18/06/2015 Press : Japanese magazine MARISOL - June 2015

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• 17/06/2015 Press : Japanese magazine CREA - June 2015

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• 15/06/2015 Press : SAINT JAMES ON THE COVER PAGE OF MONOCLE MAGAZINE July/August 2015 issue

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• 18/04/2015 Press : Magazine supplement GLAMOUR Spring/Summer 2015

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• 12/03/2015 Press : Special issue of ELLE - spring 2015

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• 18/11/2014 Press : French magazine JOURNAL DU TEXTILE November 18th, 2014

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• 15/11/2014 Press : Japanese magazine PEN - November 2014

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• 29/10/2014 Company : Official ceremony "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant"
Official ceremony for handing over the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" state label and launching the guided tour of the plant in the presence of Laurent Fabius, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Development, and Matthias Fekl, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade and Promotion of Tourism and French citizens living abroad.

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• 23/10/2014 Press : SAINT-JAMES présents the "ATELIER" collection

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• 10/10/2014 Press : French magazine ENTREPRENDRE - October 2014

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• 03/10/2014 Press : VOGUE magazine - September 2014

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• 30/09/2014 Press : Magazine supplement DIMANCHE OUEST FRANCE September 28th, 2014
Queen Mary 2, ten years of a maritime epic... 
The French excellence, MADE IN NORMANDY: 5 Norman companies, including SAINT-JAMES, present on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, recognized for their know-how and the quality of their products.
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• 25/09/2014 Press : American magazine THE INSIDE MAN - Autumn 2014
The timeless Breton-stripe shirt...

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• 05/09/2014 Press : French magazine PLEINE VIE - September 2014
STE-HONORINE Trench coat
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• 23/08/2014 Company : New SAINT JAMES BOUTIQUE on the production site in Saint-James (France)

On August 14th 2014, SAINT JAMES opened a new shop of 300 square meters : 
Zone Industrielle - Route d'Antrain 
50240 SAINT JAMES (France)
open Monday to Saturday 
10:00 - 13:00 
14:00 - 19:00

• 14/08/2014 Press : French magazine LE POINT - August 14th, 2014
SAINT-JAMES, authenticity and elegance...
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• 10/08/2014 Television : SAINT JAMES in CAPITAL on the French TV channel M6 on Sunday August 10th.

Story on local products and regional brands. 

Regional products are booming : clothing, local products...within this framework, a report on SAINT JAMES has been broadcast on Sunday, August 10th 2014 at 8.45 pm : while remaining aware of its history, SAINT JAMES is ambitious and combines creativity and expertise. 

• 25/07/2014 Press : Japanese magazine SKYWARD - July 2014

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• 15/07/2014 Press : "L'OFFICIEL SHOPPING" magazine - Summer 2014

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• 11/07/2014 Press : L'EXPANSION magazine - July/August 2014
As the young French sailor François Gabart...
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• 09/07/2014 Press : GQ magazine - July 2014

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• 26/06/2014 Press : GQ SPORT magazine
The wardrobe of the perfect supporter...
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• 26/05/2014 Company : Inauguration ceremony of the stele - on May 26th 2014
The Memorial Day, on May, 26th 2014 was the starting point of the several anniversary celebrations which took place in Normandy. 
On this day, at 11:00 am, a stele has been inaugurated by the company SAS TRICOTS SAINT-JAMES in memory of the A29 American Air Base of the 9th Air Force which was in operation during the Summer 1944. 
This monument has been built at the initiative of the SAS TRICOTS SAINT-JAMES, in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the allied landing, on June 6th, on the coasts of Normandy.
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• 30/04/2014 Press : IN STYLE" magazine - May 2014
Cameron DIAZ wearing SAINT-JAMES

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• 09/04/2014 Press : French magazine MARIE-CLAIRE - May 2014

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• 04/04/2014 Press : "THE GOOD LIFE" magazine - April/May 2014

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• 17/03/2014 Press : Japanese magazine - March 2014

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• 12/03/2014 Press : Japanese magazine JJ - March 2014

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• 24/02/2014 Press : Korean magazine WOMAN LIFE - February 2014

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• 07/12/2013 Press : "Objets Estampillés France" book - "La Martinière" editions

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• 28/11/2013 Press : French magazine LE POINT - November 28th, 2013
"Collector's" packaging
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• 18/10/2013 Press : French magazine MARIE-CLAIRE - November 2013
Special "trendy low prices": selection of the items which will represent the great trends without spending too much money...
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• 14/10/2013 Press : French magazine PLEINE VIE - November 2013
Grey, Camel, Black or Red, this winter, we play with forms and colors.
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• 11/10/2013 Press : GRAZIA magazine - October 11th, 2013

Special "Coats"

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• 09/10/2013 Press : French magazine AIR FRANCE MADAME 
October/November 2013

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• 05/10/2013 Press : French magazine MADAME FIGARO - October 5th, 2013
CANCALE II sweater
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• 23/07/2013 Press : RETROVISEUR magazine - July/August 2013

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• 03/07/2013 Press : French magazine "POINT DE VUE" July 3rd - 9th, 2013

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• 03/11/2012 Partnership - Coba : 20 years on stage around the world
After Italy and 30 concerts in Japan, "FestaCoba Finale" took place in Tokyo on November 2nd, 2012. 
After coming to Saint James in 2006, Coba remains faithful to the SAINT-JAMES nautical Tee-shirt (more than 500 in his wardrobe), which stripes evoke his accordion’s bellows.
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• 17/10/2012 Press : TECHNIKART magazine - October 2012

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• 07/09/2012 Press : MEN'S HEALTH magazine - September 2012

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• 27/08/2012 Press : BE magazine - August 2012

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• 20/06/2012 Press : German magazine «LAURA WOHNEN KREATIV»;July 2012

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• 19/06/2012 Press : CÔTÉ OUEST magazine – June/July 2012

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• 15/06/2012 Press : IN STYLE magazine - June 2012
Eva PADBERG wears a SAINT-JAMES blue and white striped Tee-shirt.
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• 04/06/2012 Press : French magazine FEMME ACTUELLE 
June 4th - 10th, 2012
"Fashion : stripes, the good mixes."
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• 21/05/2012 Press : MONSIEUR magazine - May/June 2012
"Jumping into James Dean's shoes"
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• 15/05/2012 Press : IN STYLE magazine - May 2012
The American actress Kristin CAVALLARI wearing a SAINT-JAMES striped Tee-shirt.
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• 11/05/2012 Press : ENGINE - April 2012 Japanese magazine

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• 23/04/2012 Boutique : New SAINT JAMES Boutique
Opening of a new SAINT JAMES shop on April, 7th 2012 in Biarritz : 
Tel. 05 59 24 72 40 

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• 09/01/2012 Press : BIBA magazine - February 2012
Fashion, style, beauty, shopping & accessories.
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• 08/12/2011 Press : MADAME FIGARO December 15th – 21th, 2011
“Shopping gifts: Ease makes elegance.”
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• 07/12/2011 Press : MARIANNE Magazine –3rd - 9th December 2011
Marianne’s selection: The “good deed” Christmas gifts, with notably the SAINT-JAMES jumper referenced MOUSSE.
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• 14/11/2011 Company : JACQUES VABRE TRANSATLANTIC RACE 2011
The Co-Skipper Yann ELIÈS at the time of departure from Le Havre, with his SAINT-JAMES hat.

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• 13/10/2011 Press : French magazine MADAME FIGARO - October 7-13, 2011
According to MADAME FIGARO, Stanley WEBER, " one of the new figures of the French cinema ", is " attracted by clothes which have a story ", particularly SAINT-JAMES sweaters.
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• 11/10/2011 Press : French magazine L'Officiel Hommes - September-October-November 2011

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• 10/09/2011 Press : French magazine CLOSER - September 10-16, 2011

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• 09/09/2011 Press : IN STYLE magazine - September 2011
Oberbaum bridge in Berlin: the German women's magazine presents the Singer Bonnie STRANGE in a place where she likes walking with her Partner. She wears her SAINT-JAMES Tee-shirt.
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• 07/09/2011 Press : French magazine L'EXPRESS STYLES - September 7-13, 2011
Fashion trends with a SAINT-JAMES cotton striped tee-shirt.
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• 25/07/2011 Partnership : SAINT-JAMES / André SARAIVA (New York)
Brought back into fashion since several seasons, the striped tee-shirt continues its rise beyond fishing ports and seaside resorts. 
Adopted by sailors and tourists, the nautical sweater also became an urban basic item.

• 25/07/2011 ANDRE SARAIVA New York (2)

Regularly, SAINT-JAMES tries out new ideas and sets up partnerships as this collaboration with the Artist André SARAIVA.

• 25/07/2011 ANDRE SARAIVA New York (3)
Always provided with its stripes, the T-shirt gets a new look thanks to a sailor hat-shaped badge on the left arm and on chest with the symbolic "Monsieur A.", the pink character with asymmetrical eyes designed by André. 
In limited edition, this striped tee-shirt has been launched in 
"LE BAIN" in New York, on a special day, this July 14th, 2011. It becomes the fetish garment of the uniform of the staff of "LE BAIN".

• 25/07/2011 ANDRE SARAIVA New York (4)

• 25/07/2011 ANDRE SARAIVA New York (5)

• 25/07/2011 ANDRE SARAIVA New York (6)

• 25/07/2011 ANDRE SARAIVA New York (7)

• 25/07/2011 ANDRE SARAIVA New York (8)

• 25/07/2011 ANDRE SARAIVA New York (9)

• 25/07/2011 ANDRE SARAIVA New York (10)

• 25/07/2011 ANDRE SARAIVA New York (11)
The Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has just adopted it, also. She wore her SAINT-JAMES striped tee-shirt revisited by André during a recent session of dedication, on the occasion of the presentation of her book «My Father's Daughter», in a New-York bookshop of Hamptons.

• 26/05/2011 Press : ELLE magazine - May, 20th 2011

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• 06/05/2011 Press : MEN'S HEALTH magazine - May 2011

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• 14/04/2011 Press : MEN'S FILE magazine - April 2011

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• 12/04/2011 Press : SO-EN magazine - April 2011
Japanese magazine
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• 29/03/2011 Press : ME magazine - Spring 2011

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• 28/03/2011 Press : THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - OFF DUTY  Supplement  March 19-20, 2011

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• 27/03/2011 Press : GQ MAGAZINE - APRIL 2011

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• 12/03/2011 Press : GQ MAGAZINE - MARCH 2011

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• 25/02/2011 Press : GRAZIA magazine from February 25th to March 3rd

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• 10/02/2011 Press : COSMOPOLITAN magazine - March 2011

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• 12/12/2010 Press : NY TIMES SUNDAY STYLES - 12th December 2010

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• 13/10/2010 Press : STYLE PAPERS magazine - October/November 2010
Article about the American Actress Gwyneth Paltrow who usually wears our brand. She is especially fond of our striped tee-shirts.
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• 23/09/2010 Press : NORMANDIE MAGAZINE September-October 2010
SELUNE sweater, TOMBELAINE scarf, DUCEY cap.
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• 18/09/2010 Press : IN STYLE magazine - September 2010
"The Parisian woman" seen by the German magazine IN STYLE.
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• 09/09/2010 Presse : Men's Health BEST FASHION - Herbst/Winter 2010
Men's wellness magazine (Autumn/Winter german magazine)
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• 03/09/2010 Website :
Seen on the website
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• 27/08/2010 Press : FINEBOYS magazine - August 2010
Japanese magazine
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• 12/08/2010 Press : FRANCE MAGAZINE IN USA
In its "Summer 2010" edition, an article is entitled "Sailor" and presents the "nautical fashion and stripes". This article is besides illustrated by SAINT-JAMES.
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• 05/08/2010 Website : American website
Shopping and Style Intelligence
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• 27/04/2010 Press : ELLE magazine (April, 16th 2010)
This magazine mentions our NAVAL smock shirt in a special paper named "40 years old top style".
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• 19/04/2010 Press : TECHNIKART MADEMOISELLE magazine - Spring 2010

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• 18/04/2010 Press : MARIE-FRANCE magazine April 2010
The magazine announces the limited edition of the forthcoming SAINT-JAMES nautical tee-shirts, available in the shops at the end of April.
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• 22/01/2010 Press : CLARK Magazine January/February 2010
We will keep in mind this Winter 2009/2010 for its severity. Caps, scarves and…socks are particularly welcome.
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• 05/01/2010 Press : The nautical stripe fashion is worldwide. In France as well as in Japan, the land of the rising sun, SAINT-JAMES illustrates profusely this topic...
- ECLAT Magazine January 2010
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SPUR Magazine January 2010
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GINZA Magazine January 2010
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- NISSAN FUGA (Motor Magazine Mook) 
The SAINT JAMES brand is associated to the style of this new vehicule…

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MADAME FIGARO – January, 9th 2010
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• 04/01/2010 Press : MARIE-CLAIRE magazine January 2010
MARIE-CLAIRE, that already mentions the Summer trends in the dead of Winter, is « Heading for the cruise collections »
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• 23/12/2009 Press : "L’OFFICIEL HOMMES" magazine December 2009
The prestigious magazine « OFFICIEL HOMMES » (90 years of existence) mentions between others, in a special paper named « What do men like today ? What do they really wear ?… », the SAINT-JAMES NAVAL smock.
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• 22/12/2009 Press : MONSIEUR magazine December 2009/January 2010
The MONSIEUR magazine, in its December 9th issue, mentions the  stylishness « from father to son ». The SAINT-JAMES seaman’s sweater in its Adult and Child version is taken as an example.
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• 05/12/2009 Press : «LA TRIBUNE DU WEEK-END» from December 5th and 6th

On the occasion of the Salon Nautique, « LA TRIBUNE DU WEEK-END » dedicated a substantial file to this important sector of activity.

The nautical garment was not forgotten. SAINT-JAMES illustrated the « Fashion »  section.
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• 02/11/2009 Press : OUEST FRANCE Newspaper (November, 2nd 2009)
In the last page, all editions, dated Monday, November, 2nd Ouest-France presents the movie “A L’origine”, which will come out on November 11th. The article is illustrated with a picture showing the director and two actors of the film, one of them is Emmanuelle Devos ( Mayor in the movie) wearing a SAINT JAMES nautical jumper.
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• 16/10/2009 Press : Elle Magazine (October, 16 2009)

In an article entitled “ La soif des mâles ”, ELLE magazine refers to 
“casual men, very chic ; 2009 seducers play with fashion and are then very attractive.” … One of the top models wears a nautical SAINT JAMES sweater.

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• 19/09/2009 Press : Figaro Madame September 2009 – Brigitte BARDOT

On the occasion of Brigitte BARDOT’s  75th Birthday, myth of the French cinema, an exhibition is dedicated to her at the Espace Landowski in Boulogne-Billancourt. The press evokes widely her career, as for example Figaro Madame in its issue dated September, 19th; which retakes cult pictures of Brigitte BARDOT and stages young artists of today in the same bearing. It’s the case of Sara FORESTIER, photographed in a SAINT JAMES Tee-shirt.

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• 18/09/2009 Press : People Magazine, September 2009 issue - Violet Afleck
Violet Afleck (Ben Afleck and Jennifer Gardner's daughter) wearing a SAINT-JAMES raincoat. 

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• 10/09/2009 Television : Les Marins font la Mode - Salor Chic in Paris (Musée National de la Marine)
The Musée National de la Marine honored the sailor style on the occasion of an exhibition called "Les Marins font la Mode"
France 24 broadcasted the information through one of its TV report and also mentioned the Saint-James shop located Rue Tronchet in Paris.

• 25/08/2009 Press : Magazine De Zeeparel (n° 4 - August/September 2009)
Magazine distributed on the belgian coast and illustrated on the cover by the style ST-AVE, a new style from the SAINT JAMES Autumn/Winter 2009 collection.
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• 25/06/2009 Partnership : Tour de France under sail 2009

In partnership with our customer « AUX MARINS CHICS » in Dieppe, « TRICOTS SAINT-JAMES » has lent its support to the crew of the boat « T. BRUSSELS REGION DE BRUXELLES-CAPITALE ».

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• 12/06/2009 Press : Air France Madame magazine
Summer Issue n°130 June-July 2009 - file "A la plage" 
A SAINT-JAMES tee-shirt
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• 10/06/2009 Press : Child 2009
Japanese magazine
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• 09/06/2009 Press : American magazine TEEN VOGUE (June/July 2009)
Miss Rosabella BROWN wears her blue military jacket on a SAINT-JAMES striped tee-shirt.
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• 07/06/2009 Website : Website of the German magazine BILD ZEITUNG

The Bild Zeitung mentions classic clothes which have to be in wardrobes, as for instance the Saint-James NAVAL...

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• 05/06/2009 Website : Gwyneth Paltrow's blog, American Actress
Gwyneth Paltrow explains how difficult it is to make a choice when it comes to clothes, especially when she is in Los Angeles. She has obviously set her heart on a SAINT-JAMES tee-shirt.
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• 04/06/2009 Press : The reefer, cult garment
The wool SAINT-JAMES reefer, cult garment (ELLE magazine dated March, 28th 2009).
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• 16/05/2009 Press : ELLE magazine (May, 16th 2009)
The stripe is obviously relevant in 2009, further chiefly to an exhibition on the nautical clothes by the Musée National de la Marine and following to the recent release of the movie about Coco Chanel. ELLE magazine mentions this success with the SAINT-JAMES sailor blouse.
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• 03/05/2009 Press : The New York Times dated May, 3rd 2009
The stripe is obviously fashionable in the United States. On May, 3rd, The New York Times refers to Gwyneth Paltrow's passion for stripes, like Picasso. She chiefly advises to buy a nautical stripe SAINT-JAMES.
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• 11/02/2009 Press : Premium 2/2009
Japanese magazine
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• 01/07/03 Partnership : Discovery Saint-James
A With our approval, The LAND ROVER Company has decided to sign a limited production of their “DISCOVERY” style, with our SAINT JAMES Logo. In addition to this personalization, the “DISCOVERY SAINT-JAMES” buyers will also benefit from additional options, naturally including the Brand Name clothing.
The two partner companies thereby acknowledge their common values : the search for comfort, safety and originality in the love for a certain art of life. We wish to share this happy event with you. Gratitude from SAINT JAMES and their customers for a prestigious car manufacturing company.


• 17/10/02 Boutiques : Saint-James open up their 10th Boutique in Japan
after YOKOHAMA and HIROSHIMA, Saint-James open up their 10th Boutique in Japan, in Sapporo.
And opening, on 30th October, another boutique in Seoul in Korea !

• 19/09/02 Company : Visit of the Australian Ambassador to "saint James"
Mr William FISHER, Ambassador of Australia to France, was welcomed at "Tricots Saint James" on Monday June 3rd.
Close to 800 sheep a day are sheared to fill the needs of the "Tricots saint-James" production.

• 12/09/02 Television : Highlight on the nautical sweater SAINT JAMES on French TV
During the 1.00 PM News on French Channel T.F.1, in the last week of August, several reports were broadcast on the mythical regional products brought back by holidaymakers, such as espadrilles, fabric from Provence, or the Nautical sweater. SAINT JAMES served as an illustration to the documentary dealing with the Breton Nautical sweater.

• 15/01/02 Television : TV LG 45 Home Shopping (Korea)
3rd largest CATVshopping company in the world after QVC and HSN. Saint james presents their products regularly and in particular the woolen jackets well appreciated by the Corean women!


• 06/11/01 Press : "La Tribune"
Extract from the article "Tricots St- James pushed by the sea wind". The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel Company has seen its turnover increase by 80% in seven years. It has been necessary to push back the factory walls, leaping from 6, 700 Sqm to 11, 000 Sqm."

• 13/09/01 Exhibition : International fair in Caen (France)
Saint-James, partners in the forthcoming International fair in Caen (France) from 14 until 24 September 2001. Guest country this year : Brazil.

• 13/09/01 Press : "Ouest-France"
Article "The brands originating from our area are everywhere". "Yves Rocher, Saint James, Fleury Michon, Cotten, Cointreau, all industrial endeavours born in the West of France". Quoting Yannick Duval, President of Tricots Saint James : "I well remember Mr Tabarly the father, who came to sell his yarn and buy sweaters for his son Eric".

• 30/08/01 Press : "L'Express"
"For over a century, Saint-James has been marketing its famous "Né de la mer" sweater in the shadow of Mont Saint Michel, a site that became a symbole logo for this Normandy manufacturer of so-called Breton Nautical Sweaters. Those sweaters owe their name to the town that saw them come to life, a place where the winds of the open sea blow between Brittany and Normandy".

• 17/08/01 Press : "Le Monde"
An article "Saint-James, the true "French Class" nautical style with a British name : The Breton sweater built its success in a quiet village at the border between Brittany and Lower Normandy, re-named by the English during the Hundred Year's War. Today, the fame of the well-known "Tricots" is attracting other companies".

• 09/07/01 Company : Expansion of the Company
the Company expands and increases the total area of its premises to 11,000 sqm.

• 05/07/01 Company : Nicole Fontaine, visits Saint-James
While touring the Manche Departement, Mrs Nicole Fontaine was welcomed at The tricots Saint James Company on Monday June 18, 2001, by the President of the Company Yannick Duval, in the presence of the Honorary President Bernard Bonte, the Sub-Prefect Philippe Ronsin, Mayor Michel Thoury and district elected representatives.

• 01/07/01 Sailing : Dedication ceremony of the Saint-James boat at the Tricots Saint-James factory
Together with the company personnel, in the presence of the Mayor of Granville, Mr Marc Verdier, a partner of the "Port-Manche" boat, a representative of the General Council and the Town of Cherbourg, and the Mayor of Saint-James, Mr Thoury.

• 24/06/01 Exhibition : The Morgan Club
The Morgan Club "Tour de France" called at the Saint James Boutique at Mont Saint Michel on June 23, 2001.

• 24/06/01 Press : "La Manche Libre"
The daily paper "La Manche Libre" accounts the visit of the lady chairman of the European Parliament Mrs Nicole Fontaine to Saint James. "For Yannick Duval, President of the Company, it was a great honour shared by all the employees, to welcome the Chairman of European, marking the second extension of the Company, under the seal of Europe".

• 17/06/01 Press : "La Manche Libre"
"The TRICOTS SAINT-JAMES Co. are presently surfing on the wave of the nautical garments. Their traditional nautical sweaters and smocks are breaking the record abroad. After Europe and Japan, Yannick DUVAL, President of the Company wishes to appeal to new foreign markets among which South Korea and the United States."

• 06/06/01 Press : In the daily economy paper "Les Echos"
"TRICOTS SAINT-JAMES are doubling their production potential. To follow the progression of their markets in France as on the Export areas, the Normandy nautical garments manufacturers give themselves the means of their development."

• 31/05/01 Press : "Ouest-France"
"Saint-James conquering SEOUL", an article published in the French daily paper "Ouest France" to-day. After Japan, Saint-James opened a first Boutique in Korea, "meeting with such a success, that the Normandy production workshops cannot follow".

• 15/03/01 Sailing : Tour Voile 2001
Saint-James-Manche at the start of the Tour Voile 2001.

• 18/02/01 Boutique : Japan : opening of a new Saint-James boutique in Nigata
opening of a new Saint-James boutique in Nigata.

• 15/01/01 Television : "Capital" show on channel M6 (french TV)
The nautical sweater : the Breton eldorado. "In the true line of the Breton tradition, the nautical sweater has been very much in fashion for a number of years. Two competitors challenge each other on this booming market. On one side, Saint-James, an over one hundred years old company who didn't want to leave the village the name of which it took. On the other side, its competitor, boosted by an ambitious manager, who doesn't hesitate to transfer part of his production abroad. Is it still possible to keep producing in France at competitive prices ? How do you make a traditionnal product look younger ? Can the Breton style appeal to Japanese and American women ?"


• 07/12/00 Press : "L'Usine Nouvelle"
An article published in the n° 2759 of the "Usine Nouvelle" magazine : "Tricots Saint James celebrate their 10th anniversary of a successful buying off the company by the employees (RES)"

• 20/10/00 Exhibition : France Korea 2000
During the exhibition on the Saint James booth, a sweater was presented by Export Manager, to French President Jacques Chirac, on behalf of the Company's employees.

• 28/04/00 Website : opening of the new Saint-James website
Opening of the new Saint-James website.

• 03/04/00 Press : "La Tribune"
An article published in the daily paper "La Tribune", edition n° 24465, under the title "Tricots Saint James, a world reference for the nautical sweater. The medium-size company near Mont Saint-Michel, made the nautical sweater become popular".


x  TRICOTS SAINT JAMES - B.P 1 - Z.I. Route d'Antrain - 50240 SAINT-JAMES (France) • Tel : (33) 2 33 89 15 60 - Fax : (33) 2 33 89 15 78